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Roman Kuřil and I'm professional fisherman

I have been fishing since i was a child, when for me this sport was more of a pastime from which my favorite hobby developed over time. It has grown into a lifelong passion and lifestyle that I love. What i enjoy also feeds me, so I would like to invite you to one of the best fishing destinations in Europe, Spain. I have been hunting predatory fish here for many years, thanks to which I have gathered information, experience and know-how so important for successful hunting in any weather, at any time of year and with any fishing technique.

Experiences are what will last forever!

I have become a specialist in trophy fishing and I transfer this know-how to my clients so that they can fulfill their life dream of trophy predatory fish. If you crave predators such as catfish, zander, perch, pike, black bass and parma in the largest sizes, with me you have a high probability that you will fulfill your fishing dream. To catch your chosen trophy fish, I will select the area in which the given species of fish occurs and we will fish with active methods such as spinning, vertical spinning (pelagic), trolling, lure fishing. If you are interested, we can also fish statically from the shore. We fish for trophy catfish and zander on the river Ebro, both on its course and on the dams. I will go fishing with you for the trophy perch in the Spanish region called Basque Country, and if you are looking for pike, parma or beautiful and combative black bass, we will go to the Extramadura area in the western part of Spain.

I use traditional and modern technologies for fishing

All you have to do with the hunt is take your clothes. I have a bass boat Ranger RB200 with a length of 6,3 m, powered by engine the Mercury 175 pro XS , which will take us to the right place in a short time. The ship is equipped with the latest Garmin Panoptix sonoscope livescope that gives us exactly it will show how far, in what depth and in what direction our goal is. They will anchor us on the spot electric motor Motorguide with gps remote controlled. For the destination of Extremadura, I have a Basscat Sabre bass boat with a length of 5.40 m, powered by a Mercury 175 PRO XS engine, a top speed of around 100 km / h. This ship is equipped with 4 Garmin sonar and a Panoptix livescope probe, anchored in place by a Garmin Force electric motor and Powerpole anchors. With the exception of catfish, you will be able to tackle Gloomis rods of the highest quality. These rods are characterized by the highest sensitivity in the world and provide you with the best experience during the shot and the fight with the fish itself. You will then fight the catfish on super quality rods from brand Vagner. I only catch all types of fish using the catch and release method, even with clients. If you are a passionate fisherman who longs to catch trophy fish, conquer it with the best equipment and to return it to undamaged water, I am the best partner for you. Roman Kuřil

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