Basque country - Spain

Basque country - Spain


The Basque Country, located between the Pyrenees and the Bay of Biscay, will enchant you not only with its beautiful mountain landscape but also with its gigantic perches, which often exceed the limit of 50 cm and x Kg. Information about these chubby perch occurring in the Basque foothills of the Basque Country began to penetrate the world only in 2014. The Basque water reservoirs are a reservoir of drinking water for this area. Therefore, they are subject to a strict protection regime, thanks to which you will not encounter any motor boats on the water, no factories or recreation centers on the shores. You will be surrounded only by forested hills creating complete peace. Only catch and release fishing is allowed on the lakes, either from the shore or from fishing kayaks. Today, the largest perch in Europe come from the Basque Lakes. They were planted here around 2010, so I believe that they will continue to grow and you will fulfill your dream of a trophy perch exceeding 50 cm.


The most ideal way to get to the Basque Country is either a car or a plane. You can get to the Basque Country by car via Germany and France towards San Sebastian. The journey takes about 18 hours and is 2,000 km long. You can get to this destination by plane on a 2-hour flight directly from Prague. You will land in Bilbao, less than an hour's drive from the fishing grounds. The ideal time for fishing for trophy perch is the second half of March and the second half of October, but even outside these dates, fish over 50 cm are no exception.



Tour prices:

  • 5 days of fishing for 2 fishermen 3650 euro.
    Every other fisherman 190 euro / day. Maximum number of fishermen 7.
  • 7 days of fishing for 2 fishermen 5110 euro.
    Every other fisherman 190 euro / day.Maximum number of fishermen 7.
  • 9 days of fishing for 2 fishermen 6570 euro.
    Every other fisherman 190 euro / day. Maximum number of fishermen 7.

Price include:

  • guide 24hours a day
  • kayaks
  • complete hunting equipment
  • accommodations
  • fishing licence

Price doesn't include:

  • ticket
  • airport transfer (can be purchased for 350 euro / 1 way)
  • meal

When booking, a deposit of 50% is required on the invoice, the additional payment must be paid no later than 14 days before the date of stay, otherwise the reservation expires. For reservations shorter than 14 days before your stay, the reservation is valid after the full amount has been credited to the account. 3840607001/5500 - payment by bank transfer. IBAN: CZ8455000000003840607001, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP.


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